WordPress高级SEO优化插件 Yoast SEO Premiumv15.2

WordPress高级SEO优化插件 Yoast SEO Premiumv15.2包含:Yoast Local SEO for woomerce,Yoast Local SEO for WordPress,Yoast News SEO for WordPress&Google,Yoast SEO Premium,Yoast Video SEO for WordPress,Yoast woomerce SEO plugin。 官方描述
Yoast Seo的特点 -单击一个按钮即可获得最高级的XML站点地图。 -完全控制站点上的“Breadcrumbs”(Breadcrumbs,Bredcrambs):添加一段代码,Breadcrumbs就可以工作了。 -设置规范URL以避免重复内容。再也不用担心谷歌的罚款了。 -标题模板和元描述,以更好的品牌和一致的片段在搜索结果。 -内容分析和搜索引擎优化:无价的搜索引擎优化写作工具。 -片段预览显示您的文章或页面将如何显示在搜索结果中,甚至在移动设备上。 -Yoast SEO Premium甚至可以预览社交网络! -分析工具显示文本的焦点,以便您可以根据关键字保存文章。 -为同义词和相关关键字优化文章。 -自动内部链接:写一篇文章并自动获得链接的建议文章。 -Yoast SEO调整了你网站的引擎,这样你就可以创建伟大的内容。 -内部布局功能有助于一次性优化网站结构。 -与谷歌搜索控制台集成 -SEO角色管理:让你的同事访问WordPress Yoast SEO插件的特定部分。 -批量编辑器:对站点进行大规模更改。 -社交预览,用于控制你的帖子在Facebook和Twitter等社交网络上的共享方式。 -重定向管理器:它使你的网站链接保持工作,很容易从Google搜索控制台重定向错误,删除的页面和更改的url 更新日志  = 15.2 = Release Date: October 27th, 2020 Today, we are releasing Yoast SEO 15.2 into the wild. In this release, we’ve added an interesting improvement for Slack users — better visibility for your content when your URL is shared on Slack. We also improved the performance of the plugin in the backend due to us loading less JavaScript. Read more about what’s new in 15.2 in [our release post](https://yoa.st/release-15-2)! Enhancements: * Adds an Open Graph integration for The Events Calendar plugin. Props to [Luehrsen](https://github.com/Luehrsen) * Sets the default schema type for Web Stories to Article. Props to [swissspidy](https://github.com/swissspidy) * Adds enhanced Slack sharing tags on posts and pages. * Adds a toggle for the above enhanced Slack sharing feature. * Flushes the permalinks from the indexable tables when a custom taxonomy base changes, and shows a reindex notification in that case. * Improves the loading times of admin pages where Yoast SEO is present. Bugfixes: * Fixes a bug where we linked to Google’s Structured Data Test, which is deprecated. We now link to Google’s Rich Results Test. Props to [wormeyman](https://github.com/wormeyman) * Fixes a bug where the styling of the General tab in the network admin dashboard was broken. * Fixes a bug where the German passive voice assessment would show an error when the text contained a participle enclosed within curly quotation marks (e.g., `”getan”`). * Fixes a bug where the WooCommerce product permalinks were not updated after a permalink structure change. * Fixes a bug where the replacement variable dropdown menu was partially hidden for the description inputs in all preview modals. * Fixes a bug where a fatal error would be thrown on sites that did have curl installed but did not have the PHP curl extension installed. Other: * Removes the “Remind me in 7 days” link from the SEO data optimization notification on the Yoast SEO dashboard, which was shown for large sites with more than 2500 unindexed indexables. The notification can still be hidden by clicking the default dismiss button. * Adds the `wpseo_image_data` filter to enable the filtering of image metadata. Props to [spacedmonkey](https://github.com/spacedmonkey). 包含组件: Yoast SEO: News v12.4.1 Yoast SEO: Local v12.7 Yoast SEO: WooCommerce v12.5 Yoast SEO: Video v12.4
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